Top Ten Reasons To Choose
EarCare Associates, Inc.

Reason #1: We Believe an Educated Patient is a Satisfied Patient.

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Your satisfaction with the hearing solution we recommend for you is of utmost importance to us. We know that the more you understand about your level of hearing loss and the solutions that are available to you, the greater the chances are that you will be completely satisfied with your investment in better hearing. That is why our website features an online, award-winning educational video that was created to give you all the answers you need to make an informed buying decision. 2nd opinions are at NO CHARGE.

Reason #2: Our Experience Gives You Confidence to Take the First Steps toward Better Hearing. “Experience You Can Trust”

Our staff is well-trained and well credentialed in the area of Hearing Healthcare.  We invite you to call or visit our office and consult with Laura Nan Wheat, our Patient Care Coordinator for over 25 years.  Nan will work with your schedule to accommodate a day and time that would be convenient for you to receive a no charge, no obligation, hearing evaluation and product demonstration to determine the TYPE & SEVERITY of your hearing loss.

Ramon J. Garcia is a Florida State Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist (HAS) and has worked for some of the largest Hearing Healthcare Providers.  Ramon is very well schooled in the Service and Repair of most major brands of hearing aids as well as is qualified to provide a complete audiometric hearing evaluation to determine the type and severity of your hearing loss.

S. Grant Williams, HAS, HIS, ACA, Audio Prosthologist is licensed in Florida and Louisiana. Grant was first licensed as a Hearing Instrument Specialist over twenty years ago. Grant is a graduate of the American Conference of Audioprosthology and is the proud Owner of EarCare Associates, Inc.

WreaFaye Nieft-Paris is our Office Manager who keeps EarCare Associates well organized.  Our wait times are less than seven minutes; thereby allowing our Patients to immediate access to the Hearing Healthcare Services offered by EarCare Associates, Inc.

Reason #3: Comprehensive Testing Ensures We Understand Your Unique Level of Hearing Loss

Our staff of licensed hearing care professionals are skilled at performing diagnostic examinations that are thorough, precise and accurate…allowing us to recommend the best solutions to help optimize your ability to hear.

Reason #4: State of the Art Hearing Aids Mean You Can Optimize Your Ability to Hear

We work with the best manufacturers available and offer a complete line-up of the most technologically advanced hearing aids available.

Reason #5: Exact Fittings and Programming Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Even the highest priced hearing aids will disappoint you if they are not the type or style best suited for your level of hearing loss. Our professionals are skilled at fitting and programming hearing aids based on the results of your hearing tests. The most advanced fitting methods and equipment are used to make sure you hear with maximum clarity…even in the most difficult listening situation.

Reason #6: Exceptional Follow-Up Care Gives You Ongoing, Personalized Customer Service

Your relationship with us continues well beyond the time of your initial fitting. Your follow-up care includes ongoing office visits to make certain your hearing aids continue to work as they should. Follow up visits are at no charge at EarCare Associates, Inc. Your calls are answered 24/7.

Reason #7: We Absolutely Love What We Do!

We love helping people re-connect with those they love with better hearing. Your experience in our offices is very important to us. This isn’t work for us, it is a passion. We believe that a “Patient does not care how much we know, until they know how much we care”. We Care @ EarCare! Your calls are answered 24/7. Give us a call and “TryB4UBuy” 850-830-0376

Reason #8: We Offer One-Stop Shopping for Your Convenience

For your convenience we offer a full line-up of assistive listening devices, batteries and other hearing accessories. Because we are an independent privately owned Hearing Healthcare Company (not a franchise) we can offer our Patients the hearing instruments they NEED and not what we STOCK.

Reason #9: Hearing Device “Clean and Check” Service Keeps Your Hearing Instruments Performing Like New!

We will teach you how to care for your hearing devices at the time of your initial fitting, but feel free to visit us any time for a complete and thorough cleaning of your hearing instruments AT NO CHARGE.

Reason#10: We Service and Repair Hearing Instruments

We can service and repair your hearing instruments in our office often on a day’s notice. If your hearing device ultimately needs to be sent out for repair, we will be glad to expedite that service for you.