The Medical Lab Makes The Hearing Aid,
EarCare Associates, Inc. Makes The Difference!

Grant Williams

Audio Prosthologist

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As hearing professionals, we can assist you with your needs.

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  • Dear Mr Williams,

    Thank you for the wonderful service you offer to people with hearing problems. You took a great deal of time getting to know me and my hearing needs and problems. I have worn hearing aids for seven years but my previous experiences have not been as positive and helpful.

    My hearing after wearing my new Phonak audio CRT hearing system for a month, is the best in many many years. What an improvement in life quality. Thanks to you and your sincere staff.

    Best Regards.

    Lois Von Ryik

  • Wow! Who would have thought I needed a hearing aid! What a difference! Many more birds are singing, the clocks still work and you know men’s conversations make a lot more sense. You folks are so patient too. The testing and adjusting was certainly interesting and top notch.

    Georgette White

  • I am a retired veteran and am hearing impaired. I have been wearing aids for close to 20 years and have been a very part time user, one ear and part time to both ears and all the time. Once I realized how much better life was when I could hear better and none had to remind me to put my hearing aids on.

    Col. James Gerber