About EarCare Associates, Inc.

EarCare Associates, Inc., the way “Nice” is meant to be!

At EarCare Associates, Inc., we are totally committed, when you make your decision to choose our practice for the management of your hearing healthcare. Coincidentally, it is the same empowerment of preference that decided on the name of our practice. While the major national franchise hearing aid companies offer quality products, the service plan is generic and is about the sale of hearing aids and not about the unique aural rehabilitation program that is necessary for your ultimate personal success. Nice People, Nice Savings, !

  • We care for our patients in the same way we would want you to care for us. We named our practice and designed our program knowing what our patients want and what we would personally want from a hearing healthcare provider. We take the time to know our patients and their goals. We understand that hearing better is more that the purchase of hearing aids. There is emotion involved as well. When we first meet, we will discuss your hearing health and the history of listening environments you have been exposed to and any diseases or injuries you may have experienced. We need to know your thoughts and feelings about your hearing, how it affects your life, and your expectations about possible solutions by developing a hearing healthcare plan that is right for you. We want to share in the excitement of your best hearing experience.
  • We treat our patients; we don’t just service their hearing aids. You’ll begin to notice that your association with our practice is about YOU and not about your hearing aids. We are friendly, down to earth, and very good listeners. Having been in the hearing healthcare business for over 20 years, we understand the mix of attitudes and know when seeking treatment for one’s hearing, you want information in a “straight talk” way. We take the time to review your test results, to get to know your personal preferences, introduce and demonstrate the newest technologies, and will respect the opportunity to measure your preferred results and expected successes.
  • At EarCare Associates, Inc., we are proud to offer you excellence in hearing healthcare with a unique approach to meet your personal needs while making your hearing experience as natural and care free as possible. Counseling and educating patients about the importance of preserving their hearing is the essence of our role as a hearing healthcare provider. After a very detailed audiometric hearing evaluation, we will help you make decisions about improving your hearing. All appropriate alternatives are discussed, whether it be a medical referral, hearing instruments, or other rehabilitative measures.
    As our valued patient, you will receive hearing aids that perfectly match your lifestyle and budget. We offer a full line of digital programmable hearing devices that are easy to wear. Working closely with you ensures that all your concerns and are met — both today and tomorrow — and that you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your hearing experience at EarCare Associates, Inc..

Nice People, Nice Savings,

Call NOW to schedule a FREE, no charge, no obligation hearing evaluation and new product demonstration. At EarCare Associates, Inc., we believe in the “Try-Em before you Buy-em” style of doing business. We offer a TRIAL PERIOD so that you and your loved ones can be sure you are satisfied with your selection before you invest in hearing correction.

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