About Grant

Grant WilliamsPeople who have a hearing loss often face challenges and obstacles that others don’t necessarily see or understand. Grant Williams, HAS, owner of EarCare Associates, Inc. in Niceville, Fl, knows all about challenges and obstacles—and overcoming them. Williams has taken his life experiences and applied his knowledge about people, as well as his technical skills in hearing healthcare, to help people from all walks of life.

And this isn’t Williams’ first successful hearing care business. He retired and sold his first practice in Metairie, La, just before Hurricane Katrina decimated that region. He retired to Destin, FL, but Williams soon found himself drawn back into caring for those with hearing loss—and building another successful practice.

But none of it came easy.

Important lessons Learned

Born into a family of seven, Williams spent his early years in the coal mining town of Matewan, WV, which is nestled in the Tug River Valley on the Kentucky border—not far from the place where the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s feuded.

“My family has served as motivation for my entire life,” says Williams. “My dad moved to Louisville to work, and by the time I finished high school, I was working two jobs there, as well. [Football Hall of Famer] Paul Hornung taught me how to shoot hoops at the YMCA in Louisville; at that time, I don’t think he knew how great an athlete he was going to be—to me, he was just a big guy shooting baskets.” Like Hornung, Williams’ life also began to take an unexpected trajectory that was entwined with sports. Later on, Grant received several scholarships in sports,especially in Gymnastics.