Styles of Hansaton Hearing Aids available from EarCare Associates, Inc. are pictured above 

EarCare Associates, Inc. is an INDEPENDENT HEARING HEALTHCARE PROVIDER (not a franchise with commissioned sales people) that has been servicing patients in a five county area for over 20 years.  We understand the statement,


When it comes to the challenges of Ear Care, We Care!

About Hansaton :

High-tech with personality.

When Uwe Fischer joined his father‘s acoustics company (which at that point sold hearing systems manufactured in the USA) in 1967, he had one primary vision: giving those affected by hearing loss a better sense of hearing – and thereby improving their quality of life. He established the company‘s in-house Research and Development department, thus laying the groundwork for high-quality hearing systems made by HANSATON. As simple and inconspicuous as they seem on the outside, they are the product of impressive engineering knowledge, intuition and an exceptional understanding of design. Creating change and progress is a challenge that the Hanseatic hearing system manufacturers have set as their number-one priority with every one of their developments – for audiologists and their customers.

Types of HANSATON Hearing Aids Available at EarCare Associates Inc.

soundHD, jamHDBTE, jamHDITE, Beat, Flow, AQ

We have carefully selected Hearing Healthcare Professionals throughout the world that are trained, licensed professionals that know how to select, program and fit the style of hearing device that is specific to YOUR type and severity of loss.  EarCare Associates, Inc. has been around over 20 years and has a team of EXPERIENCED WELL TRAINED HEARING HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS YOU CAN TRUST.

Hearing is our concern at EarCare Associates, Inc. “The Medical Lab MAKES the hearing aid, EarCare Associates, Inc. MAKES the difference.”  Ask us about our “Try B4U Buy” offer.