• Faye Paris

    I’m a Phonak Bi-Cross hearing aid user, and thank God someone finally figured it out.
    I have been deaf in one of my ear all my life (SSD or Single Sided Deafness. I tried several different brands of amplifications and hearing aids, but I still went through life with a “handicap”. I always picked the left side of a tablebecause I could not communicate with any one sitting on my right side.
    Then, I finally found a Medical lab online called www.Phonak.com who suggested I call Niceville Hearing Center in Niceville, Florida. The medical lab said the professionals at Niceville Hearing Center would be able to test and fit me with a “Bi-Cross” fitting which was completely wireless. WOW!! How great!! FINALLY I can put my hearing aids in my ears and communicate with people on BOTH side. I can even turn the volume down if I am in a noisy setting, or turn the volume up when my Pastor is not talking loud enough for me to hear.
    The Niceville Hearing Center also included in my purchase a remote control, which is very small with a couple of buttons to push to adjust whenever I change different listening environments. I was born in Laurel Hills ad have lived in the Niceville – Valparaiso area all my life. If you or any of your family and friends are having a difficulty hearing and understanding ladies voices, kids voices or have challenges understanding in noisy places, please give the folks at Niceville Hearing Center a visit. They know how to take care of their patients.
    I’m 81 years young and YES! I can hear you now.

  • Michael D Weinstock

    Dear Grant,
    As a practicing attorney, I am quite sensitive of the need to hear all that is transpiring in Court or in chambers or even in my office.
    The Phonak behind-the-ear system that you and Dr Rebeck configured for me has turned out to be a tremendous asset. I no longer strain to hear what is being said by others. It is very light and almost invisible to others.
    I especially appreciate on what e that you take the time to meet with me to make minor adjustments when necessary. These “tune-ups” as I call them, allow my hearing aids to be specifically focused on what is necessary.
    I also enjoy the convenience of the myPilot attachment that allows me the convenience of quickly changing the mode of reception and the volume. I use the myPilot quite frequently – this is a “must get” accessory.
    Once more, thank you for your professionalism, consideration and support.

  • Karen Smith

    I have worn the same style hearing aid (BTE) behind the ear for 47 years. After wearing this style with a HUGE EAR MOLD for so long , I thought that this was the way it was and I was comfortable with that. Dr Williams introduced to me to the new technology in hearing aids today. I was hesitant in trying out the new hearing aids and the new style. Well, I’ll be honest – I didn’t like the change. After wearing the hearing aid and getting adjusted to the new style of “ear plugs” and learning to control the volume with remote for a week – I absolutely love my new hearing aid!!! I’m hearing sounds that I didn’t know existed. Now I embrace the “new technology”. It’s wonderful! I thank Dr Williams and his staff for encouraging me and being so patient and so kind. God Bless.

  • Georgette White

    Dear, Grant, Doc and Crew,
    Wow, who would have thought I needed a hearing aid! What a difference! Many more birds are singing, the clocks still work and you know men’s conversations make a lot more sense.
    You folks are so patient too. The testing and adjusting was certainly interesting and top notch. The choice of audio smart seems perfect for me. My pain is so light and easy to use that sometimes at work I’ll touch one to be sure it hadn’t fallen out.
    Thanks for being a part of my “adjusted” hearing life.

  • Raye Norell

    I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Thank you for everything that you have done for me.

  • Tracy Poe

    Dr Williams,
    Congratulations on your nomination as “The Best of 2011 Hearing Healthcare Professionals”. Thank you for your professional excellence and community leadership.

  • Col. James Gerber

    I am a retired veteran and am hearing impaired. I have been wearing aids for close to 20 years and have been a very part time user, one ear and part time to both ears and all the time. Once I realized how much better life was when I could hear better and none had to remind me to put my hearing aids on.
    I have behind the ear Phonak aids that are paired with an ICOM. Anyone who has the opportunity to take advantage of this great technology and doesn’t use it is missing a great blessing. I can use my cell phone with ease as my ICOM directs incoming cell phone calls to my hearing aid. It’s like a stereo head set for phone conversations. I can’t say enough positive regarding the aids and the ICOM.
    I am extremely grateful to EarCare Associates, Inc. and Grant for the assistance they have provided me when I don’t have time to run to _______ to the VA

  • Lois Von Ryik

    Dear Mr Williams,
    Thank you for the wonderful service you offer to people with hearing problems. You took a great deal of time getting to know me and my hearing needs and problems. I have worn hearing aids for seven years but my previous experiences have not been as positive and helpful.
    My hearing after wearing my new Phonak audio CRT hearing system for a month, is the best in many many years. What an improvement in life quality. Thanks to you and your sincere staff.
    Best Regards.

  • John D Radford

    Grant Williams, HAS,ACA Audio Prosthologist, at Niceville Hearing Center told us more than once that hearing aids are cheaper than divorce! We just celebrated our 73rd wedding anniversary . He also reminded us that these are the best “EARS” of our life. If you’re having some hearing challenges …go see Dr Grant, we did.

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